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:: There is no quick and easy way to repair your credit

There is no quick and easy way to repair your credit. Actually, no one can erase, fix, repair, or change information contained in your credit report if that information is accurate. Credit bureaus report negative information for seven years and bankruptcy information for ten. Aside from correcting mistakes, the only way to repair your credit is to show consistent payments being made on-time, over a long period of time!

In general, time is the only thing that will "fix" your credit report. Information in your credit report will only be changed if items are actually wrong, or are dated beyond the seven or ten year reporting period, required under federal law. However, there are measures you can take to improve your chances for receiving credit in the future, even if you have been denied credit in the past.

If your credit report reflects late or skipped payments, delinquencies or other negatives, you may be denied credit for important purchases (new home, a car, etc.).

Nothing will repair your credit like paying bills on time and debt consolidation makes it easy for you to make those timely payments. We consolidate your unsecured debts like credit cards, student loans, bank lines of credit, medical bills, department store credit cards, collection agency accounts, etc.

With our debt consolidation process your existing creditors remain the same but your interest payments are re-negotiated, lowered or completely eliminated to allow more principal to be paid each month. In fact, debtors may cut their monthly interest costs by as much as half!

Don't waste money on high-interest credit card debts!

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