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ADDRESS CHANGE ______ Carry enough or travelers checks to cover all the costs of moving services and expenses until you make banking connections
______ Give forwarding address to post office                                            ______ Leave your keys with your real estate agent
______ Charge accounts & credit cards ______ Carry jewelry and documents yourself; or use a registered and insured carrier                                                      
______ Subscriptions, notice requires several weeks ______ Let a close friend or relative know the route and schedule you will travel including overnight stops; use them as message headquarters
______ Friends and relatives ______ Plan for transporting pets; they are poor traveling companions
______ Double check closets, drawers, shelves to be to be sure they are empty
______ Transfer funds & arrange check-cashing   » AT YOUR NEW ADDRESS
______ Arrange credit references ______ Obtain certified check or cashiers check for closing the new home purchase
    ______ Check on service of phone, gas, electricity, water, etc.
INSURANCE ______ Check pilot light on stove, hot water, & furnace

Notify company of new location for coverage
including life, hearth fire and auto

______ Have gas company check appliances
______ Ask mailman for mail he might be holding
UTILITY COMPANIES ______ Have new address recorded on drivers license
______ Gas, light, water, telephone & fuel ______ Visit city offices and register for voting
______ Get refunds on any deposits made ______ Register car within five days after arrival in new state
______ Obtain inspection sticker and transfer motor club membership
DELIVERY SERVICE ______ Apply for state drivers license
______ Laundry, newspaper, milk; change services ______ Register children in school
    ______ Arrange for medical services

Ask doctor and dentist for referrals;
transfer needed prescriptions, eyeglasses, X-rays.
Obtain birth records, medical records, etc.

Just print this list and have it with you before, during and after you move to your new home!
______ Ask about regulations for licenses, vaccination tags, etc.
______ Empty freezer    
______ Defrost freezer & clean refrigerator    
______ Have appliances serviced for moving    
______ Remember arrangements for TV & antenna    


Plan for special care needs of children

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