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:: Discover Boston : Historical sites
» African Meeting House , Boston
Built in 1806, this is the oldest African-American church that still stands in the United States.
Attraction type: Historic site; Religious site

» Boston African American National Historic Site , Boston
This national historic site's 15 pre-Civil War structures include the African Meeting House.
Attraction type: Historic site; National park

» Black Heritage Trail , Boston
Operated by the National Park Service, this is a walking tour of Boston's 19th-century African-American history.
Attraction type: Historic walking area; Other

» Boston Light , Boston
Lighthouse located on Little Brewster Island in Boston Harbor.
Attraction type: Lighthouse

Breed's Hill , Boston
This hill was the actual site of the Battle of Bunker Hill.
Attraction type: Historic site

» Bunker Hill , Boston
The Battle of Bunker Hill on June 17, 1775, was actually fought on nearby Breed's Hill. Admission is free. Call 617-242-5641 for information. Attraction type: Historic site

» Bunker Hill Monument , Boston
This 220-foot granite tower commemorates the Patriots' undaunted bravery in defeat at the 1775 Battle of Bunker Hill.
Attraction type: Monument

» Charlestown Navy Yard , Boston
Established in 1800 as one of the country's original naval maintenance centers, the Navy Yard is now the home of the USS Constitution.
Attraction type: Scenic/historic walking area; Historic site; Marina

» Copp's Hill Burying Ground , Boston
In preparation for the Battle of Bunker Hill, British soldiers used Copp's Hill gravestones for target practice.
Attraction type: Historic site; Cemetery

» Dorchester Heights National Historic Site , Boston
A cannon placement on the monument's hill forced the British evacuation from Boston in 1776.
Attraction type: Monument

» Faneuil Hall , Boston
Designed by Charles Bulfinch, this historic building hosted such events as America's first town meeting and John F. Kennedy's last campaign speech.
Attraction type: Historic site

» Fort Warren , Boston
Built in 1852, the fort served as a prison for captured Confederate soldiers during the Civil War.
Attraction type: Military base/facility; Historic site

» Freedom Trail , Boston
The red line on the sidewalk leads you on this 2.5-mile, self-guided tour of Revolutionary sites, which starts at the Boston Common, America's oldest public park, and ends up at the famed Bunker Hill Monument.
Attraction type: Historic walking area; Trail; Other

» Granary Burying Ground , Boston
The burial ground for famous American patriots like Paul Revere, John Hancock and Sam Adams, is also the final resting place for Mother Goose.
Attraction type: Cemetery; Historic site; Other

» King's Chapel , Boston
Built in 1754, this was the first Anglican church in America; it later became the country's first Unitarian house of worship.
Attraction type: Religious site; Historic site; Other

» Massachusetts State House , Boston
Designed in 1798 by renowned architect Charles Bulfinch, the historic building is dominated by a magnificent gold dome.
Attraction type: Government building; Historic site; Architectural building

» New England Holocaust Memorial , Boston
The six glass towers of this striking memorial serve to represent the six million Jews who perished in the Holocaust, six main Nazi death camps and the candles on a menorah.
Attraction type: Monument

» Nichols House Museum , Boston
Attraction type: Historic home

» Old City Hall , Boston
Once Boston's city hall, this beautiful building is now home to one of the city's finest restaurants.
Attraction type: Historic site

» Old North Church , Boston
The signal from the steeple of Boston's oldest church triggered the War for Independence that led to the birth of America. On that fateful night in on April 18, 1775, the two lanterns in the steeple told Paul Revere that the British were approaching by boat, not on foot. Call 617-523-6676 for more information.

Attraction type: Religious site; Historic site; Other

» Old South Church , Boston
Attraction type: Religious site

» Old South Meeting House , Boston
Built in 1729, this Puritan church was the site of the impassioned Samuel Adams speech that led to the Boston Tea Party.
Attraction type: Historic site

» Old State House , Boston
Boston's oldest public building was the site of the city's first reading of the Declaration of Independence.
Attraction type: Government building; Historic home; Historic site; History museum

» Park Street Church , Boston
A stop on the Freedom Trail, this 1809 church is noted for its 200-foot steeple.
Attraction type: Religious site; Historic site

» Paul Revere House , Boston
This National Historic Landmark is the home from which silversmith Paul Revere, in 1775, set out on his famous midnight ride to warn his compatriots that the British were coming. You can view the colonial furnishings and the famous Revere silver, including a 90-pound bell in the back yard.
Attraction type: Historic home; Other

» Phillips School , Boston
Attraction type: Educational site; Landmark/point of interest; Historic site

» Pierce-Hichborn House , Boston
Built in 1711, this Georgian house was a typical 18th-century middle-class Boston residence.
Attraction type: Historic home

» Site of the Boston Massacre , Boston
A circle of cobblestones in the street outside the Old State House marks the spot where British soldiers fired on a crowd, the event which many believe was the start of the Revolutionary War.
Attraction type: Historic site

St. Stephen's Roman Catholic Church , Boston
Paul Revere may have worshipped at this church, which has gone from Congregational to Unitarian to Roman Catholic in its almost 300 years of history.
Attraction type: Religious site; Historic site

» Statue of Benjamin Franklin , Boston
America's first portrait statue portrays a half-smiling, half-serious Franklin. Next to the statue is a marker for the site of the first public school in the United States, where Franklin -- among other luminaries -- was a student.
Attraction type: Statue; Monument; Historic walking area

» Statue of General Warren , Boston
Warren was killed in the Battle of Bunker Hill.
Attraction type: Statue

» Statue of Paul Revere , Boston
Cyrus Dallin designed this bronze statue of Revere riding his horse.
Attraction type: Statue

» Trinity Church , Boston
This National Historic Landmark, one of America's great buildings, was built in 1877 by architect H.H. Richardson.
Attraction type: Religious site; Architectural building

» USS Constitution ("Old Ironsides") ,  Boston
The oldest commissioned ship in the U.S. Navy and undefeated in battle, Old Ironsides earned its famous nickname with its legendary ability to repel any shot fired. Active-duty sailors guide visitors around the ship. Admission is free. Call 617-426-1812 for information.
Attraction type: Ship; Maritime museum; Historic site; Other

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